When Science Meets Boho: Alex and Freya’s Quirky Wedding at The Hall Barns!

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Home / Inspirations / When Science Meets Boho: Alex and Freya’s Quirky Wedding at The Hall Barns!
When Science Meets Boho: Alex and Freya’s Quirky Wedding at The Hall Barns!

When Science Meets Boho: Alex and Freya’s Quirky Wedding at The Hall Barns!

Hey party people! We’re about to spill the tea on Alex and Freya’s incredible science-themed wedding at The Hall Barns, that went down in June 2023. Buckle up, because this wedding was on another level!

As their wedding venue, we had an all-access pass to this wedding, and boy, was it out of this world! First things first, let’s talk about the dynamic duo: Alex and Freya. These two lovebirds brought the heat with their unique personalities, and that was reflected in every aspect of their big day.

Instagram worthy styling

The tables were the heart of the science-themed action. Picture this: scientific elements galore, making for the most captivating table numbers you’ve ever seen. It was like stepping into a lab of love, with element table names jazzing up from traditional numbers. But that’s not all, the rest of the venue was a boho paradise, glowing with the warm embrace of orange hues. Pampas grass, vintage milk jugs and vases, with the snazziest orange napkins and table runners, created a boho wonderland. I’m telling you, it was so Instagram-worthy! Oh, and how could we forget their clever DIY touch? They used an old-fashioned suitcase as a card holder. Talk about vintage vibes with a twist!

Couple goals

Now, let’s talk fashion. Alex was all dapper in his checked blue suit, and Freya was the definition of elegance in her stunning lace wedding dress. No lab coats, but trust me, they were the epitome of style!

As for heartfelt moments, the wedding breakfast was a rollercoaster of emotions. Tear-jerking speeches had guests reaching for their tissues. Love was definitely in the air!

Sweet treats

Do you know what the secret ingredient is to a fantastic wedding? Delicious snacks! Although they didn’t go full science with the food, the brownie station was a hit! Everyone had their sweet cravings satisfied, and the dance floor was popping!

An evening to remember

Speaking of dancing, let’s just say this crew knew how to boogie. The reception was a straight up success, and to everyone’s surprise, a drag queen stormed in, channelling her inner Sully from Monsters Inc. You couldn’t help but shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Now, you might wonder, “Why the science theme?” Truth is, we’re not sure, but hey, when it’s this awesome, who needs an explanation? One thing that really stood out was how Alex and Freya’s playful personalities shined through in their quirky wedding photos. From goofy faces to romantic moments, they captured their love in every frame.

In a nutshell, Alex and Freya’s science-themed, boho extravaganza was a wedding for the books. It was one heck of a celebration, blending elements of scientific wonder and boho beauty into a concoction of pure joy. Cheers to the happy couple for throwing a wedding that defied convention and made everyone’s hearts explode with happiness. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and just the right amount of scientific flair!

Photographer: SayWellHQ

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