11 wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss

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Home / Inspirations / 11 wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss
11 wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss

11 wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss

Choosing the right wedding photographer is a big deal. You want to find someone who reflects your couple style and the vibe of your wedding day, but most of all you want someone who totally ‘gets’ you. At The Hall Barns we’ve been lucky to have some of the Midlands’ very best wedding photographers capture our couples’ big days, so if you need any advice just ask. And once you’ve got the right photographer? Well, here are the wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss.

bride hugging guests
Credit: Christopher Terry

1. Getting ready with your gang

Hair, make-up, getting dressed, general champagne drinking; it’s all a rite of passage on the morning of your wedding. It’s a time when memories are made with your best girls or boys (or both!), so make sure your photographer is on hand to capture the fun and excitement. Why not take over Laundry Cottage, The Hall Barns’ on-site accommodation which makes the perfect getting ready HQ? 

wedding photo opportunities you don't want to miss of girls drinking champagne together
Credit: Kelly Hiscox Photography

2. The first look

As pictures go, the moment your parents or best friends see you looking drop dead amazing in your wedding dress or suit, is one of the sweetest wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss. Just look at the love and pride in this photo. Don’t mind us, think we’ve just got something in our eye…

father and mother of the bride seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time
Credit: Kelly Hiscox Photography

3. The wedding details

After approximately one billion Google searches, 75,000 Pinterest board creations and months of preparation, you finally get to bring your dream day to life at The Hall Barns. We totally get how much thought and care goes into making your day really, uniquely ‘you’, so this is your reminder to make sure your wedding photographer captures all those little details you’ve worked so hard on. 

wedding photo opportunities – close up of Let there be gin drinks station
Credit: Sam Bennett

4. Your first kiss

The vows are over, now it’s time to seal the deal with your first kiss as a married couple. Make it as chaste or as OTT as you like, it’s your call – we just love seeing happy newlyweds start their big adventure at The Hall Barns.

bride and groom's first kiss at The Hall Barns
Credit: Kelly Hiscox Photography

5. The confetti shot

No wedding photo album is complete without a confetti shot, right? At The Hall Barns we are all about sustainability, so if you ask us we think dried flower petals are the perfect choice. Just get your wedding helpers to hand out cones of eco confetti to your guests, then wait for the nod from your photographer and go for it. One of the most iconic wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss – well worth getting a mouthful of confetti for.

bride and groom covered in confetti at The Hall Barns
Credit: Christopher Terry

6. Special guests

The Hall Barns is as dog friendly as they come, so if you want to bring your best buddy along to join in the celebrations, we are here for it. Hey, you can bring your cat, hamster or llama if you want, it’s your day! Pets at weddings provide the cutest photo opportunities, so make sure your wedding photographer gets plenty of snaps. Just look at this very good boy… 

dog at wedding at The Hall Barns
Credit: Darren Cresswell Photography

7. The speeches

Now, of course you want your photographer to take photos of your wedding party when they do their speeches, but the best photos are always the ones that capture your guests’ reactions. Laughter, shock (did the best man really say that?!), tears – these are the wedding photo opportunities you don’t want to miss.

guests laughing and pointing during wedding speech at The Hall Barns
Credit: Kayley Bull Photography

8. Golden hour

Something magical happens at The Hall Barns during golden hour. As the sun starts to set on your day, our gorgeous Leicestershire countryside venue manages to up the romance factor more than ever. This is the time to head outside with your wedding photographer to get some beautiful couple pictures in our glorious grounds. Just look at that light. 

bride and groom embracing with the sun behind them
Credit: Kelly Hiscox Photography

9. Your first dance

Your first dance as a married couple is your chance to officially start the party. Whether you go for something slow and romantic, or switch things up with a dancefloor filler, The Hall Barns will help you set the scene perfectly.

bride and groom first dance at The Hall Barns
Credit: Kelly Hiscox Photography

10. The party

Now your evening reception is in full swing, ask your wedding photographer to hang around for a short while to capture some of the fun. Trust us, looking back at photos of your guests having the best time ever will never get old.

bride and guests raising arms in the air dancing to songs at The Hall Barns wedding reception
Credit: Kayley Bull Photography

11. Ending the night in style

However you decide to end the night, make sure you do it in style. A sparkler send-off is such a cool way to call it a night, so make sure someone is around to snap it. 

guests waving sparklers around bride and groom as they kiss
Credit: Waves of Wonder

All about The Hall Barns

Whether you’re knee-deep in planning already, or just starting the search for your perfect Leicestershire wedding venue, we’d love the chance to show you around The Hall Barns. If you’d like to book a viewing just click here and we can get cracking.

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