10 2022 Wedding Trends For Your Hall Barns Celebration

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Home / Inspirations / 10 2022 Wedding Trends For Your Hall Barns Celebration
10 2022 Wedding Trends For Your Hall Barns Celebration

10 2022 Wedding Trends For Your Hall Barns Celebration

Here at The Hall Barns we love seeing how each of our couples puts their own stamp on their special day, creating a unique and truly personal celebration. While this is something we wholeheartedly encourage, we also love keeping a close eye on the latest wedding trends. Here are 10 2022 wedding trends we think you’ll want to get on board with in the coming months! 

Cover image by Ellen Sear.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Weddings

There’s no doubt about it, being kinder to the environment is the topic that everyone is talking about. We’re all thinking of ways we can be a little more eco-friendly, even when it comes to wedding planning! We think one of the big 2022 wedding trends will be couples looking for ways to host a sustainable wedding, and there are lots of little ways you can do this. Choose a florist who forgoes foam, consider waste-free favours and biodegradable confetti…this one will have you thinking outside the box!

Unique Wedding Outfits

For a more relaxed, modern approach to weddings we think 2022 will see an increase in bolder, less traditional wedding attire! We’re imagining colourful wedding dresses, bridal separates and chic tailoring, the perfect pairing for our lovingly renovated Barns. If you need some inspiration, check out our blog all about what to wear for a Hall Barns wedding.

Wedding venue Leicestershire
Essie Lou Triffitt Photography

Private Partying

We think one of the big 2022 wedding trends will be for weddings that feel private, exclusive and secluded. Your celebrations at The Hall Barns can feel like one big party with all your favourite people, thanks to our exquisite countryside setting and exclusive use policy.

Impactful Decor, Florals and Styling

For the very same reason we expect 2022 to see couples going all-out when it comes to decor and styling! Many of you will have waited a long time to get to your wedding day, so we’re excited to see the creative, impactful ways you’ll style our blank canvas of a venue. The spaces at the Hall Barns are just made for dramatic design and fantastic florals.

Wedding reception venue Leicestershire
Sam Bennett Photography

Personal Vows & Speeches

Weddings have always meant so much to everyone involved, but now more than ever couples are looking to put a personal, meaningful stamp on their vows and speeches. We think custom readings will be all the rage for 2022, to tell your other half just how much this means. Take a look at our ideas for non-religious readings to give you some inspiration!


Micro weddings gained popularity out of necessity through the last two years, but we’re still finding that an increasing number of couples are opting for smaller affairs in place of larger celebrations! We think intimate celebrations will be one of the big 2022 wedding trends, and our romantic venue is perfect for all sizes of party.

Being ‘Present’

Having made their entrance some years ago now, unplugged ceremonies remain more popular than ever this year. Couples are asking their guests to unplug their devices and be present for their nuptials. There’s nothing worse than seeing a sea of phones as you make your way down the aisle, or photographers’ images being ruined by iPads! This is a trend we can really get on board with.

Multi-Day Events

The last two years have seen so many postponements and changes of plan that we think one of the big 2022 wedding trends will be multi-day celebrations! Making the most of your time with loved ones has become more important than ever, so what better way to extend the celebrations than to stay overnight and continue the party. Take a look at our accommodation options.

Beautiful spaces here at the Hall Barns wedding venue
Helen Rose Photography

Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Pantone’s colour of the year is always a popular starting point for many couples’ wedding colour palettes. This year it’s ‘very peri’, a gorgeous nod to purple and blue in the perfect pastel shade. Whether you choose to be guided by this or rebel and opt for a vibrant colour palette, the Hall Barns looks incredible in any hue!

Creative Catering

Gone are the days when wedding food had to be picked from a set menu – at least, that’s not the way we do things here! For 2022 we think couples will get creative with their catering, and we’re totally on board. Whether you want to go formal, relaxed or totally bespoke our amazing catering team led by Head Chef Marc has you covered. Find out more about our options here, which also now include flexibility to bring in other caterers!

We can’t wait to see which of these 2022 wedding trends will grace The Hall Barns this year!

Now you’re clued up on the latest, it’s time to put your wedding planning hat on and book a Virtual Tour to see what our venue is all about!

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