How To Define Your Wedding Day Style

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How To Define Your Wedding Day Style

How To Define Your Wedding Day Style

Nothing beats that newly engaged feeling, and there’s something so romantic about basking in the post-engagement blur while daydreaming about your future wedding. But when it actually comes to planning it, where do you start?! Today, we’re not talking about the planning and logistics side of things (although we’ve got plenty of helpful tips and advice for that on the blog), we’re discussing how you can define your wedding day style. 

Your wedding day style is a wonderful way to reflect your love story and it will help to create a celebration that’s unique and true to you. You’ll probably already have an idea of the concept for your wedding day before you even begin the planning process; we see you, with the hours spent indulging in the Pinterest boards! Preparing will also help to ease the stress during the planning process and you’ll have the foundations required to start making your vision a reality. 

Rustic wedding venue in  Leicestershire

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s important to have an idea of the design, theme or colour palette for your special day before you go ahead and start booking suppliers. Luckily, the spaces here at The Hall Barns are versatile blank canvases so you can let your imagination run wild! You need to know your ideal style in order to narrow down and align your suppliers to it; an edgy, urban stylist whose website is full of industrial city spaces won’t work for you if you’re dreaming of a rustic barn affair.

Consider also the vibe you want to achieve for your wedding day. Do you want it to be ethereal and elegant, or fun and full of colour? You’ll also need to take into account the season and venue you’re ideally looking at; if you’re dreaming of a spring country house vibe for example, you might be better exploring our sister venue Prestwold Hall. We can provide you with ideas and previous weddings for your inspiration, so you can see how the Hall Barns can be adapted to your chosen vibe! It’s also worth picking up a few wedding magazines, browsing blogs and getting lost in the wonderful world of Instagram for inspiration. Look further afield as well to interior design trends, fashion, textures and fabrics to offer ideas when it comes to colour palettes and styling. Our article on 2022 wedding trends might inspire you too!

Rustic wedding venue near Leicester

Once you’ve gathered all of your thoughts, ideas and different design concepts it’s time to get specific. Discuss the designs with your partner and pick one that you’re both smitten with and stick to it. You can always elaborate on it a little later down the line, but choosing one will help guide you when booking suppliers and will help to keep everything looking coordinated, rather than disjointed. 

While you may not want to go down the route of just one particular colour palette or theme for your wedding day style, it’s worth having a rough idea as you will need to base a number of other decisions on it. For instance, you want your bridesmaid gowns to work beautifully with your wedding flowers, and your tablecloths to work with the centrepieces and so on. If you really can’t decide on a colour scheme, consider the colours that you’ve always been drawn to and whether or not they’d suit your venue and season. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one shade; instead opt for a main colour with a maximum of two accent hues. 

Charming rustic barn for weddings

Together with your stationery, flowers, décor and styling, the design of your day acts as the branding for your wedding. Every single detail should work together beautifully, from the initial save the dates right through to the place settings. It will tie everything together and create a flawless experience for you and your guests to celebrate your love story! When defining your wedding day style, it should encompass your individual personalities, your passions and you as a couple. This is what makes the day unique to you, creating a celebration that could only ever be yours.

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the fresh, country vibe of our lovingly renovated Hall Barns and get a feel for how it works with your chosen wedding day style, contact us with any questions or book a viewing!

Thanks to Sam Bennet for the images in this article.

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