4 Wedding Planning Myths – Busted!

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4 Wedding Planning Myths – Busted!

4 Wedding Planning Myths – Busted!

Planning a wedding can be a minefield of advice and information, often portrayed as absolute truth! But how do you know what to take on board, and what is just a myth you can disregard? At The Hall Barns we host an array of different types of weddings, across the entire spectrum from traditional to unconventional. Today we’re going to bust 4 popular wedding planning myths in the hopes of giving you the confidence to embrace your wedding, your way!

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Wedding Planning Myth 1: Everything Costs More When It’s For A Wedding

First on the list of wedding planning myths is this old chestnut. It’s true that weddings are an investment and that your budget is a big deal when it comes to wedding planning, but one myth we hear often is that there is a so-called ‘wedding tax’ applied to suppliers. We’re here to tell you this is not the case! Wedding professionals charge based on their skills, experience, time, staffing requirements, transport, materials and so much more. Don’t forget, they are working for you before, on-the-day and after the wedding and only a very small slice of that is profit. 

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There are vendors out there to suit every budget and the industry is so lucky to be overflowing with creative, talented and inspirational suppliers. If you’re struggling at the first hurdle, ask our team for some recommendations – we’ve worked with lots of epic suppliers at the Hall Barns!

Wedding Planning Myth 2: You Need At Least A Year To Plan A Wedding

While the majority of couples do take around 12 – 18 months to plan their wedding day, that’s usually due to practical reasons such as saving up and leading busy lives. However, if you get your organisational hat on you can easily plan a wedding in just a few months. If you want to tie the knot sooner rather than later, get in touch about our late availability dates. Our expert team can help to ensure your day runs smoothly no matter how many months it takes to plan it. 

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Wedding Planning Myth 3: DIY Projects Save You Money

This is a tricky one! If you’re a crafty couple and you’re doing a few simple projects, it can often be friendlier on the purse-strings. But if you’re embarking on lots of complex creations, it can actually get very expensive with regard to purchasing materials and the amount of time you’re spending on each project. Plus, you have to consider whether or not you’ll even be pleased with the result if it’s not professional. If you are going to have a DIY-inspired wedding day, do it because you enjoy it and don’t let it stress you out too much. Check out our blog about the biggest wedding trends for 2022 to get some inspiration! 

Wedding Planning Myth 4: You Have To Stick To Some Traditions

Finally, finishing the list of wedding planning myths is this…

Wedding planning myths: you no longer have to abide by all or any traditions!

Weddings are constantly evolving, and more and more couples are now finding that wedding traditions don’t feel right for their day. You may come up against questions from some guests (particularly the older generations), but it’s ultimately your decision and you don’t even have to tell anyone ahead of time! We’ve gone into detail here about some of the wedding traditions you might want to leave at the door – at the Hall Barns, it’s time to embrace what you want for your big day!

For more tips and advice on planning your wedding, don’t forget to check back regularly with our Wedding Ideas blog page. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Hall Barns soon!

Images by Sam Bennett.

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