Wedding Traditions You Can Skip at Your Hall Barns Event

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Home / Inspirations / Wedding Traditions You Can Skip at Your Hall Barns Event
Wedding Traditions You Can Skip at Your Hall Barns Event

Wedding Traditions You Can Skip at Your Hall Barns Event

There are a staggering number of wedding traditions in existence; from wearing a veil to protect against evil and preserve modesty, to throwing rice to symbolise prosperity and fertility…if this has you raising a sceptical eyebrow too, we’re here to throw the rule book out of the window and talk about 10 wedding traditions you can skip at your Hall Barns wedding. Ready to get rebellious? 

Weekend Weddings

First on our list of wedding traditions you can skip is the weekend wedding! Whilst traditionally couples choose to say, ‘I Do’ at the weekend, why not consider tying the knot during the week? Weekday weddings are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples and we can certainly see why. There are lots of bonuses to getting wed during the week, including venue & supplier availability, not to mention the price! While your guests may have to book a day (or two) off work, it gives them a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the opportunity to celebrate your love story instead. Head to our pricing page to download our wedding packages and weigh up your options.

A White Wedding Dress

Wedding barn Leicestershire
Image by Essie Lou Triffitt

Lots of brides have been dreaming about donning that traditional white wedding dress since the day they realised it existed, but this just doesn’t feel right for everyone. We love seeing how couples rock their aisle style at The Hall Barns – whether that’s a subtly coloured gown, a stylish suit or two-piece ensemble, or even a chic second look for the evening!

Matching Bridesmaids

Where to even start with this one!? Traditionally bridesmaids were asked to wear matching gowns, and the fact that it’s near impossible to find a dress that suits your entire bridal party is just the tip of the iceberg! If you do have a traditional team of ‘maids, they’re bound to be a range of body shapes, sizes and skin tones; thankfully the ‘mix and match’ trend is here to stay, so making sure they all feel comfortable and confident is an easy task! 

But what if you don’t want bridesmaids, or want a bridal party that doesn’t solely involve women? What if there is no bride to have maids at your wedding!? Having your wedding your way is now the rule rather than the exception, so we’re doing away with the idea of traditional wedding roles and embracing whatever it is that makes your day feel special to you. 

The First Look

Small barn wedding venue
Image by Ellen Sear

It’s a well known wedding superstition – it’s bad luck if you see each other before the ceremony! Nowadays couples are bidding farewell to this superstition and are instead choosing to have a ‘first look’ with their spouse-to-be. We love the idea as it offers you the chance to steal five very special minutes together ahead of a busy wedding day, and if your photographer is on hand to capture it you will have some wonderful images to treasure forever. 

Ceremony Seating ‘Sides’ 

Next on our list of wedding traditions you can skip is traditional ceremony seating. Historically, the bride’s friends and family sit on one side of the room and the groom’s sit on the other. Many couples now choose to encourage their guests to sit wherever they like for a more informal feel, which is the perfect option for weddings that don’t fit the ‘bride-and-groom’ mould too!

A Sea of iPhones

Rustic barn events venue
Image by Grace Nicole Photography

Whilst we’re not sure this one technically counts as a tradition, it’s certainly something that we see a lot of! Nowadays everyone has their phone on hand at all times, including on your wedding day! Here at The Hall Barns, we love the fact that couples are opting for an ‘unplugged ceremony’. Kindly ask your guests to turn their phones off and be fully present at your ceremony. Your photographer will be there to capture the beautiful images and you don’t want to walk down the aisle to a sea of phones! We suggest making a note of this in your invitations and kindly remind guests on the day with some sweet signage.



As far as wedding traditions go, there are three members of the bridal party that usually do a speech. This often goes in this order; father of the bride, then the groom, followed by the best man. But we have this firmly on our list of wedding traditions you can skip, or change up completely! Anyone can say a few words on your wedding day and at any time – so, brides, embrace getting everyone choked up before the wedding lunch begins if that’s what you’d like to do! The choice is yours at your Hall Barns wedding.

The Wedding Lunch

Wedding traditions you can skip; traditional wedding lunch!
Image by Ian Bursill

Speaking of the wedding lunch, lots of couples still opt for the scrumptious, three-course wedding lunch for their special day. It’s always an option at The Hall Barns, but we love to offer our couples the flexibility to create the day of their dreams – and that may not include a traditional sit-down meal. Our incredible in-house catering team can offer you an extensive, crowd-pleasing menu to tantalise the taste buds, whether that’s a posh BBQ, a grazing table, street food or even sourdough pizzas. Have a look at our wedding catering options here.

Signing The Guest Book

Guests would traditionally sign a wedding guest book during the reception, but who says you can’t make it a little more fun? There are lots of fabulous alternative ways for your guests to leave you some lovely words to look back on. Why not spoil your guest with a polaroid camera and ask them to sign their selfie? Then you can create a mini photo album after the wedding, which will hold the most special memories! 

The Cake

Rustic barn wedding venue
Image by Grace Nicole Photography

The wedding cake has been used for many traditions over the years – including saving the top tier for the christening of the couple’s first child. However, if this gives you toothache why not consider switching up this wedding tradition and having something a little different? If you want a cake but not in the traditional sense, follow in the footsteps of many couples who are now opting for a savoury cheese ‘cake’ accompanied by biscuits and fruits! You may even forgo having a cake completely, choosing to serve an array of desserts on a grazing table instead. 

Our list of wedding traditions you can skip is non-exhaustive, and at The Hall Barns we encourage you to design a day that is unique, personal and truly special – however that looks for you! You can contact us if you’d like to book a viewing or have specific questions about your wedding – we can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re ready to tear up the rule book together!

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