Wedding Grazing Tables: Amazing Grazing at The Hall Barns

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Home / Inspirations / Wedding Grazing Tables: Amazing Grazing at The Hall Barns
Wedding Grazing Tables: Amazing Grazing at The Hall Barns

Wedding Grazing Tables: Amazing Grazing at The Hall Barns

Wedding grazing tables are one of the hottest wedding trends of the year, with lots of couples now swapping tradition for something seriously scrumptious. Whether you want something a little different for your wedding lunch or you’re looking to get your guests mingling over canapes, feast your eyes on our top tips for amazing grazing!

At The Hall Barns we love nothing more than seeing how our couples step away from traditions and embrace new ideas and trends. Wedding grazing tables are relaxed yet luxurious, and give you huge versatility in styling and design. If you’re having a more luxury wedding, there’s no reason your grazing table can’t be just as decadent as a three-course meal!

Grazing table catering at The Hall Barns in Leicestershire

Wedding grazing tables are essentially charcuterie boards on a much larger scale, and the options for personalising them are endless. Whether you have a chic Italian-inspired celebration or a day that’s bursting with colour, your grazing table can reflect this; think Serrano ham and fresh breads, or colourful fruits and vibrant crudites…They really are crowd-pleasers when it comes to catering, and we love seeing your guests mingling and chatting at The Hall Barns as they explore the delights on offer.  

If you really have your heart set on a relaxed three-course wedding lunch but are seriously tempted by the idea of a grazing table, you could swap out your canapes for a mini grazing version. Alternatively, you could have the evening food served grazing-style! Check out our options for your wedding food and drink on our website.

Wedding venue in Leicestershire

When it comes to deciding what to include on your grazing table, our recommendation is to have plenty of variety so all your guests can experience amazing grazing! At The Hall Barns we pride ourselves on gathering the finest ingredients, from charcuterie prepared, cured and aged in the larders here to fruits and vegetables of the highest quality in the country. Here are some ideas for your grazing table ingredients, but remember the sky is the limit! You can adapt this for canapes, desserts, and evening comforts like sourdough pizzas and hog roasts…

– Cold meats, fish and patê

– Freshly cooked bread

– An assortment of soft and hard cheese

– Dips, chutneys, hummus, pesto, falafel, balsamic vinegar, olive oil

– Leafy salads, including cold pasta salads

– A selection of fruit, both fresh and dried

– Olives and nuts

– A selection of wines or cocktails to compliment!

However you design your wedding grazing table, it should look rich, full of colour and piled high with the finest foods, while displaying an assortment of flavours, textures and fragrances. This catering option has so much to offer it will please even the fussiest of eaters. 

Barn venue in Leicestershire

The styling of your grazing table will help to pull it together to create a lavish yet informal dining experience for your guests. From marble slabs to rustic boards, gilded charger plates and copper cutlery – the options are endless. Adorn your grazing table with foliage and florals to give it that all-important finishing touch, and remember to add a sign to let guests know they can help themselves!

Wedding grazing tables are the perfect fusion of relaxed and luxurious, and this catering option works for any season at The Hall Barns. Our beautiful surroundings make for amazing outdoor catering! There are no rules, so you have the freedom to create the feast of your dreams. If you’d like to chat to us about your Hall Barns wedding, get in touch!

Images by Ian Bursill

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