The perfect summer rustic wedding flowers

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The perfect summer rustic wedding flowers

The perfect summer rustic wedding flowers

Summer is a popular time for weddings thanks to the warm, sunny weather, beautiful flowers and long daylight hours. Rustic wedding flowers are a popular choice for summer ceremonies, where couples are often looking to create a more casual and informal atmosphere.

Indoor wedding venues with a more formal style such as grand churches and stately homes benefit from a more traditional approach to flowers, while outdoor or barn ceremonies are well suited to rustic wedding flowers.

Finding the perfect flowers for your wedding

When you’re deciding on the flowers for your wedding, there are lots of things to think about; you’ll be considering the colour, what’s available in the season you’ve chosen and, for some, traditional meaning is important too. Oh, and don’t forget to factor in adding some of your favourite blooms too – because often the flowers we love the most have some kind of personal meaning for us! 

Seasonal flowers with a romantic feel include gardenias, freesias and hydrangeas, while chrysanthemums, cornflowers and daisies bring to mind a country meadow. Fill out your bouquets and centrepieces with delicate Queen Anne’s lace or baby’s breath, or make a summery statement with tall, yellow sunflowers.

Rustic summer wedding flowers offer the perfect opportunity to step away from traditional choices like lilies and move towards colourful sprays of wildflowers. Talk to your florist about the choice of flowers and foliage available at the time of your wedding and use online sites such as Pinterest to search out your ideal arrangements.

Rustic country wedding flowers

One way that rustic wedding flowers often differ from their traditional counterparts is the inclusion of dried flowers.

While these can look out of place in a very formal ceremony, dried flowers and foliage can add interesting colours and textures and texture to your floral arrangements. Likewise, don’t be shy about incorporating twigs and branches into your design, or even sheaves of wheat to emphasise the countryside aspect.

There are lots of rustic wedding bouquet flower types to choose from, ranging from simple sprays of wildflowers to ornate creations with trailing flowers and vines. Whatever your preference, keep things loose and allow the forms of the flowers to speak for themselves.

Summer wedding flowers and table arrangements

Rustic wedding flowers are a perfect addition to a summer ceremony. They add a relaxed, summery feel, and as there are more types of flowers in bloom at this time of year, you have lots of options to choose from.

If you’re looking for rustic flower arrangements for the tables at your wedding reception, choose your preferred colour and a couple of shades, accompanied by greenery. To create a wild feel, add lots of leafy foliage and keep the arrangements looser and less structured than more formal centrepieces.

Barn wedding flowers & decorations

Whichever rustic wedding flowers you choose, the arrangement and styling can elevate them from basic blooms to show-stopping centrepieces.

For barn wedding flowers, you’ll want to take everything we’ve just learned about rustic floral displays and add a little agricultural twist.

The addition of rustic materials like rope, hessian and straw help to channel the countryside vibe of the venue. You could also use buckets, baskets or milk pails as flower containers to continue the theme into your barn wedding flower arrangements.

Your rustic country wedding

If you’re planning a barn wedding as a backdrop for those rustic wedding flowers, The Hall Barns is the perfect venue.

Nestled in its own idyllic setting on the Prestwold Estate in Leicestershire, you’ll be surrounded by nature and countryside in this beautiful location.

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